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2012 Survival Trail II

The 2012 SURVIVAL TRIAL II as experienced by Team Combat Fitness Training Facility Tuesday, October 2, 2012 Last year I competed in and completed the Spartan Death Race. It was an awesome experience. Earlier this year I set my sites on a new type of adventure race being put on by a friend of mine…

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Understanding A Gym Based Stamina Session

Understanding a Gym-based Stamina Session There are many misconceptions as to what the phrase “Gym-Based Stamina” means. In fact there are many misconceptions as to what stamina or stamina training means and pertails to. The concept is actually simple (as most training practices should be) and the title is actually self explanatory.  GYM-BASED (meaning in…

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2012 Rumble By the River Crossfit Competition

2012 RUMBLE BY THE RIVER SUMMARY: Day after, Sunday 19AUG12. I know we went on a little bit of a “media-blackout” if you will, yesterday during the event. Normally I will use my phone to update as the day goes by. Our focus yesterday was different. We were light and jovial but there was an…

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2011 Death Race

“I am a man who once was a soldier.” -2011 Death Race. Pittsfield, VT. 24-27JUN11 When I look back at our journey it began very appropriately for what one would expect when attempting a race called the “Death Race”. Our flight out of Birmingham was delayed then cancelled due to storms, leaving Penny and I…

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