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What is Combat Fitness Training Facility?

Combat Fitness Training Facility is a tactical fitness program located inBirmingham,AL. Our programming focuses on the physical and mental requirements to perform in a real world situation. Being physically fit is essential and being proficient at the application of firearms and other weaponry is important. However in order to survive a “worst case scenario” (barring luck) the two must go hand in hand. Too often a person has only trained for one and not the other or at least has never considered putting the two into one, well rounded training session.

Combat Fitness Training Facility’s “OPS” program is designed for the tactical operator, the law enforcement officer, the public safety officer and the individual civilian who simply believes that going to the gym on a weekday and then the gun range on a weekend is simply not enough. We are here for the person who wants grueling endurance workouts that require strength, stamina and mental sharpness coupled with the familiarity with his or her choice of self defense weapons. Our workouts are not easy and they do not “feel good”. You will not remain clean at our Facility. We train for the possible, the impossible, the inevitable and the worst case scenario; Life. Combat Fitness Training Facility OPS will take you to a new level of preparedness in both mind and body.

*OPS Pre-requisites: One Month performing at the RX’d level of Crossfit Riverchase / Completion of the OPS Indoctrination Course. 


  • In order to be prepared both mentally and physically for any scenario at any moment.
  • In order to build a healthy body both physically and physiologically, to ensure longevity and durability.
  • To become a better athlete and constantly evolve in our training.
  • We do not set out for a “6-pack” or “big guns”. We train hard and focused on the tasks at hand. Aesthetic results are simply the positive bi-product.


  • Controlled chaos.
    • Using a system of constantly evolving “cycles” that allow us to be complete and well rounded athletes.
  • We lift heavy and we run far.
  • We are comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • We are emotionless workers.
    • There is a task to be done….. Do it.


  • We are NOT “occasional gym members”.
  • CFTF athletes are fully dedicated and committed.
  • We follow the schedule of the current fitness cycle in order to maximize our fullest potential and set ourselves up for success in a “worst case scenario”.


  • There is not a “one size fits all” answer to proper nutrition. 
    • Some need to shed body fat.
    • Some need to develop lean muscle tissue.
  • We eat quality foods, in commons sense quantities, at the correct times to achieve the needed outcomes for the individual.
  • There are certain methods for those that need additional structure.  We can assist you with these additional methods.
Routine is the enemy and our training addresses this issue.


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