OPS: Operation of the Day

The “OPS” is the Top of the Hill.  This is where extreme and advanced athletes come to push toward all new levels and achieve milestones in their fitness that few people have ever conceived.  Whether you are doing functional fitness and looking to go farther, or a public servant looking for tactical fitness, this is the place for you.  Our OP’s are heavier and go longer than any other workout.  Rucking, running, Olympic lifting, pushing cars and working with (unloaded) firearms are just a few of the things you will see in the OPS.  The OPS are not for everyone.   This course is programmed and operated by the owner Sean and run on “cycles” with multiple times slots each day.

OPS Indoctrination Course

This course is a requirement before you can join the OPS program.  The OPS indoctrination course will take you out of your comfort zone and into the next level of fitness.  It lasts for four weeks with mandatory attendance for approximately 75 minutes a day. Three days a week you will perform an unorthodox stamina session involving objects found all through daily life; logs, rocks, ropes and tires to name a few. On Tuesday and Thursday you will be instructed on the advanced techniques of Olympic lifting then apply them in a workout.  During this course you will learn to tolerate the uncomfortable.

Offered two times a day. Programmed and instructed by the owner Sean.

Please go to our Schedule to see exact times and days of each class offerring.

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